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Murderer Bamber Loses Legal Challenge

November 30, 2012 by admin No Comments »

Convicted murderer Jeremy Bamber has lost a legal challenge to have his case reviewed by the Court of Appeal. Bamber was convicted 27 years ago of murdering five relatives, and is serving a life sentence for murder. He had already seen his appeal rejected, and was applying for it to be heard again. Sir John Thomas, and Mr Justice Globe, rejected the appeal, with the former stating that “It seems to me that a challenge is impossible to mount.”

Schizophrenic Sister

The case is one of the most notorious in recent history and Bamber has always maintained that he is innocent. He has constantly argued that he is a victim of a miscarriage of justice, and that the so-called White House Farm murders were in fact carried out by his schizophrenic sister, Sheila Caffell. He claims she shot the victims – his adoptive mother and father, and her six year old twins – before turning the gun on herself. She was found with the gun in her hands, but forensic evidence apparently proved that he had placed it there to make it appear as if she was the guilty party.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has already reviewed the case in 1989, and again in 2002, and persistent attempts by Bamber to have his sentence reduced have failed on all occasions. Bamber was convicted by a jury 10-2, and has been actively working to gain release ever since. For some weeks after the murder the police were convinced that Caffell was the killer, but forensics cast doubt on this when it was revealed that she did not have the necessary reach to have held the gun to her throat. The prosecution case also pointed out that she did not have the strength to overpower her 6’ 4” father.


Flood Cover Warning as UK Storms Rage

November 26, 2012 by admin No Comments »

With storms raging across the UK this weekend and widespread flooding across the country, it is apt the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is concerned about talks with the government concerning insurance cover for flooding. The country has seen a number of towns flooded in recent years, and much money spent – or promised – on flood defences, yet the ABI is worried that many home-owners could find themselves without cover as talks have reached an ‘impasse’. A figure of 200,000 homes in risky locations has been aired, with some believing it could be many more.

Affordable Policies for High Risk Homes

The ABI is looking at ways of implementing affordable flood cover policies for homeowners in high risk areas, but is concerned about the lack of action from the government. The government, however, insists that there is no problem, and that talks are ongoing. There is an agreement in place at the moment that ensures the ABI members will have policies available as long as the government continues to invest in better and more efficient flood defences, yet the major worry is that this runs out in June, 2013. After then, unless a solution is found, many homes will be without cover.

Government ‘Turned Down’ Solution

The director of general insurance at the ABI, Nick Starling, explained the situation:

“Our members are out there looking after people who have been affected by these tragic floods and this means that we want a solution even more now after the difficult events of the weekend. They [talks] have reached a crisis point. We have had two years to sort this out, during that time the insurance industry’s put a massive amount of work and money into coming up with an insurance-led solution and we seem to have reached an impasse.”

There are currently an estimated 800 homes flooded after the weekend’s storms, with more expected to follow.


Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson to be Charged

November 20, 2012 by admin No Comments »

The ongoing repercussions from the Leveson Inquiry, which covered allegations of phone hacking and led to the downfall of the long-running News of the World newspaper, are still evident today with the announcement that Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the newspaper, and former Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson are to be charged in connection with making payments to public officials and the police. The two are among five people who will be charged after an investigation known as Operation Elveden, and these are just the latest charges levied at the pair.

52 People Arrested

So far a total of 52 people have been arrested in relation to Operation Elveden, and the latest five are among the most high profile of all. In addition to Brooks and Coulson the latest announcement names Clive Goodman, a journalist and former royal affairs correspondent at the News of the World, former Sun newspaper chief reporter John Kay, and Bettina Jordan Barber, an employee at the Ministry of Defence. The news is just the latest in a long line of arrests and charges in what is a Metropolitan Police investigation into corrupt payments.

Conspiring to Commit Misconduct

The five, including Brooks and Coulson, will be charged with conspiring to commit misconduct in public office, and as yet the sentences are unconfirmed. The Leveson Inquiry has had long-reaching effects on many people, and there are fears among the press that their operations will be severely restricted by upcoming legislation. Some party’s favour a press that has some restrictions in place but there is strong opposition from those within the industry and from readers who value the free press that is prevalent in the UK. In recent weeks Mrs Brooks has been revealed as having had close links and friendships with top politicians, including the Prime Minister David Cameron.


HSBC in Jersey Bank Account Investigation

November 9, 2012 by admin No Comments »

HM Revenue and Customs has concerned that it is launching an investigation into over 4000 bank accounts at HSBC in Jersey. The British dependency, one of the Channel Islands, is a haven for offshore finance. The investigation comes about after information was received regarding the possibility of criminals using accounts to launder money. It is believed that a list of 4,388 people, with a total account holding of almost £700million, is central to the case.

A Wide Range of Sources

An HMRC spokesman said:

“We can confirm we have received the data and we are studying it. We receive information from a very wide range of sources which we use to ensure the tax rules are being respected. Clamping down on those who try to cheat the system through evading taxes and over-claiming benefits is a top priority for us, and we value the information we receive from the public and business community.”

The situation will be further damaging to HSBC which has been embroiled in the various banking scandals of the past few years.

Whistleblower names Drug Dealers

The Daily Telegraph has revealed the that list of names may have been provided in part by a whistleblower who alleges that drug dealers and other criminals take advantage of Jersey’s separate currency and tax laws to launder their funds. The bank also issued a statement about the inquiry:

“We are investigating the reports of an alleged loss of certain client data in Jersey as a matter of urgency. We have not been notified of any investigation in relation to this matter by HMRC or any other authority but, should we receive notification, we will co-operate fully with the authorities. HSBC remains fully committed to adoption of the highest global standards including the procedures for the acceptance of clients.”


FA Takes Legal Advice over Charges in Serbia

November 4, 2012 by admin No Comments »

The Football Association is to take legal advice after two of the England Under-21 squad were charged by police in Serbia. The charges relate to a brawl that took place during a game in Serbia on October 16th.  The brawl came after racist abuse was directed at England players. Steve Caulker, of Tottenham, Leeds United’s Tom Lees and Steve Wigley, the assistant coach, have a fortnight to respond to prosecutors in Belgrade: they have been charged with ‘causing violence at a sporting event’. The prosecutors have, in total, charged 12 people in relation to the incident.

Foreign Office Clarification

The Foreign Office has requested clarification of the situation and the British Embassy in Belgrade has also become involved, while the FA has issued a statement that pledges support for the players and staff, reading:

“We want to reassure those concerned that we are committed to doing everything necessary to protect them whilst also offering support to individuals and their families.”

UEFA, the body that oversees European football, has already charged both teams over the event, and did not issue a statement on the latest developments.

Racism in the news

Racism in football has been in the news a lot lately as the FA in the UK strives to crack down on o0ffensive chants. The latest incident involves a fan photographed making monkey gestures towards Manchester United players during a match at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground. The fan has been identified, although no arrest had been made at the time of writing. The law in Serbia is handled in a different manner to that in the UK, as it is the police who announce charges prior to passing evidence to the prosecutors, who then make the decision as to whether the case will be brought to court.



A Simple Way of Making a PPI Claim

November 1, 2012 by admin No Comments »

Everyone knows that making a PPI claim is a very tedious and straining task and you would not mind having a PPI claims company to help you out. However, you can actually do a claim on your own. It only takes a bit of time. But if you’re looking for a quick solution to multiple PPI claims, you’re better off working with a PPI claims company.

1. Your First Billing Statement.

When you pay your insurance to banks, you receive a billing statement to signify that you’ve made your proper payment to their service. This billing statement is important as it indicates the first time you paid for your insurance policy. Ensure that you keep this and your most recent billing statement to assess the total amount of compensation you might have.

2. Your Evidence

PPI is an insurance policy designed to repay your loans should you find it difficult to pay for insurance being sick or unemployed, but it can’t protect you if you are already sick, unemployed or self-employed and beyond the claiming age when you purchased the insurance. Have your birth certificate, last payslip, the last contract you signed (which indicates the date of your termination) and the last medical certificate from your most recent check-up.

3. The Manner You Are Mis Sold

The Financial Services Authority states that financial advisers are driven by a commission-based incentives system that is costing customers fair deals out of their financing. Most probably, a financial adviser presented the payment protection insurance to you in many ways. One might be to show you that the insurance policy was a requirement. They may also have presented the insurance policy as something to increase the chances of your loan success.

Remember, you are to be explained the terms and conditions of the insurance policy in full, and you cannot be required to purchase insurance as terms and conditions do not work with all people. If you can’t understand the terms and conditions of your policy, have a claims company help you out.