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Olympian Oscar Pistorius Awaits Trial For Murder

March 2, 2013 by admin No Comments »

The first double-amputee track athlete to compete in the Olympic games, Mr Oscar Pistorius is a well-known figure and hero for many within South Africa and abroad. However, the 26-year-old has shocked the world in an incident which he claims was an ‘accident’.

Oscar Pistorius’ lover Ms Reeva Steenkamp was shot in the head and upper body four times with a gun found within the home of the star. The 29-year-old model died at the scene.  In the early hours of Valentine’s Day, neighbours heard screaming and shouting within the home, police had also visited on previous occasions in order to investigate issues of domestic violence.

The Paralympic star claimed that he believed she was an ‘intruder’ who broke into his home. The model was not due to stay the night with her murderer but had simply stayed over as she was tired and it became too late to drive to her friend’s house safely. Oscar Pistorius took a gun and shot through the bathroom door four times in an attempt to kill the intruder. Reeva was shot in the head and upper body whilst in the bathroom.

He now awaits trial before the South African courts and is currently on bail. He admits shooting her dead however denies murder. The couple had an argument prior to the shooting the court has heard. The trial is expected to take place on 4th June 2013 for pre-mediated murder. Prosecutors had said probation officers would visit the accused twice a week before the trial takes place.

Early reports had revealed that the double-amputee star would need to sign with police on Mondays and Fridays within a certain time. The Magistrate who granted bail however did not mention anything about reporting back. However reports have said that Mr Pistorius has still been signing in with the police.

The requirement had been agreed by both the prosecution and defence teams, but Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair did not include it in his final order granting Mr Pistorius bail on Friday, prosecutors said on Monday.

Pistorius is now facing life imprisonment for the murder of his girlfriend. He has been told not to go to his home which is still currently a crime scene. He has also been told not to leave the capital without permission of the probation officer, nor to consume drugs or alcohol.